Engineers Specifying Corner

Choosing the correct Victory Clad™ Series

The Victory Clad design center will help you choose the best and cost-effective system based on your application. Choosing standard duty, 5-ply VClad 500 series is all you need to provide long lasting performance. Maybe you need and/or want the 6-ply VClad 600 series, with an added layer of protective film that provides excellent chemical resistance, higher puncture resistance with self-cleaning properties. If you need something more durable, we offer the “Ultimate” protection with the VClad 700 series with all the same properties, but in a thicker o provide the “Ultimate Protection” to all your systems.  

Victory Clad™ 500 (5-Ply) series: Smooth and Embossed Aluminum:

The VC 500 series is an “Original” 5-Ply Zero Perm Self-Adhering Jacketing System that provides an innovative cost-effective way to protect insulation from moisture ingress on ductwork and piping by proving a weatherproof barrier. The VC 500 Series has proven to be highly effective in preventing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)  by being one of the most effective jacketing products on the market to keep your insulation dry and free of moisture. The VC 500 Series an excellent insulation  jacketing choice for standard duty applications on ductwork and piping systems alike.

Victory Clad™ 600 “Plus” (6-Ply) series: Smooth, Embossed and Colors:

The VC 600 “plus” series has all the same excellent properties as the VC 500 series with an added protective layer to provide exceptional added benefits for a very minimum added cost. The VC 600 “Plus” 6-Ply Zero Perm Self-Adhering Jacketing provides 30% higher puncture resistance, high resistance to attacks from multiple caustic chemicals and salt-water. The added layer has an unique “Self-Cleaning” property, that will keep your Ductwork and Piping systems look like “New for Years” to come. Another key benefit is FDA approval. VC 600 series can be used where direct or indirect food contact is required. An excellent choice for food processing plants that need to do regular chemical wash down for maintenance programs. Victory Clad 600 series is definitely the “Best in Class” in the self-adhering jacketing category.     

Victory Clad™  700 Ultimate Series

VC 700 series is the “Ultimate Protective Jacketing System”.  The VC 700 series has all the same excellent properties as the VC 600 series but was designed for when “Extreme Durability” is needed. The VC 700 “Ultimate” Zero Perm Self-Adhering Jacketing provides greatest puncture resistance of all the jacketing systems available combined with high resistance to chemicals and salt-water attaches. The unique “Self-Cleaning” properties will keep your Piping and Ductwork systems looking like new even in the most severe conditions. The Victory Clad700 can be fabricated like metal jacketing, due to its unique qualities of being “Rigid” as well as “Conformable”.  VC 700 is an excellent choice for conforming around small diameter pipe insulation preventing inside condensation and Rigid enough to fabricate  strong square exterior corners on ductwork in which your customers will love. There is truly nothing like the “Ultimate” Victory Clad700 series.        

Supporting our customers

The Miller Group has reputation for being leaders in the Industrial and Commercial Insulation Markets throughout North America and Canada. We pride ourselves on supporting our partners through specification and installation. We are always on hand to discuss and advise on your requirements, and to determine which Victory Clad Jacketing system is right for your project.

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